About Us

What a story, my friends! eShops.mu is a MIPS initiative that arose in the early days of COVID to respond to a panic effect. In a few hours, we put our very first merchants online, whom we warmly thank for their trust!

The idea was to allow each of these merchants to sell online very quickly with an online payment system allowing card payments, all this directly linked in real time to their bank account.

I must admit, we were taken aback by the success of the operation: Hundreds of merchants rushed to take advantage of our offer and we now have a full platform, as you can see.

Oh! It didn't look like what you are seeing now! Before it was simply a listing of stores that sold online. Now, however, we have all come to our senses and we now offer a real Mauritian Virtual Shopping Center with Mauritian merchants for a Mauritian public!

This platform is yours, we are developing it in order to enrich the offer from week to week on the basis of your suggestions which we all analyze with the greatest care. A suggestion ? please send it to us on contact@mips.mu.

Each merchant has its own store, you shop securely online on each of them and then you are delivered to your home.

eShops.mu is a story which, like any revolution, started in chaos (Covid) and then became structured and rationalized.

Have a good surf! And Happy Shopping!